About World Parkinson’s Program (WPP)

World Parkinson's Program (WPP) is a Canadian based non-profit, global organization with the mission of improving lives of all those affected with Parkinson's disease directly or indirectly. WPP is the only known global organization that focuses on impacting quality of Parkinson’s patients today by providing education, assistive devices, medication and advocacy for Parkinson's patients and caregivers around the world.


Project Background

As for many non-profit organizations, WPP also faced funding and human resource challenges and hence launched a very basic website. As WPP grew its operations, the board saw a need for an effective website that not only facilitates visitors to find information easily, but also allows patients and caregivers request services with fewer clicks.

WPP’s Requirements

  • Ease of navigation and professional look and feel
  • Allow Parkinson’s Parkinson’s patients and caregivers find educational material easily
  • Allow Parkinson’s Parkinson’s patients request support, assistive devices and medication with ease
  • Develop a responsive website to ensure greater device accessibility
  • Enhance Google ranking for request generation as well as for driving donations online
  • Build Content Management System to enable future enhancement

Value GlobeSign Provided for WPP

GlobeSign engaged WPP’s board and kicked off the project with the “Planning Phase”. As we completed our planning phase, we had a pretty good idea on WPP’s organizational goals and objectives. This allowed us to provide the following for WPP:

  • Re-branded WPP completely
  • Helped with content restructuring, data flow and site map development
  • Increased Parkinson’s awareness and WPP’s cause
  • Motivated individual’s involvement in WPP
  • Increased donations for WPP activities
  • Allowed downloading educational material in over 14 languages
  • Fully responsive website for all devices
  • Content Management System for future updates and continuous enhancements
  • Encouraged donations to help people with Parkinson’s
  • Totally redesigned the website as per organizational needs

SEO Results

  • Enhance “Google” ranking organically for WPP and had five keywords tracked on the first page of after four months of SEO
  • Seven keywords on second page of after four months of SEO
  • Improved conversion generated 20% more donations online
  • Significantly increased average time on page from 40 seconds to over 3 minutes
  • 40% organic monthly traffic growth over first four months
  • Bounce rate decreases from 80% to about 50% ~ improvements around 37.5% over four months

WPP (Before and After)


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