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Social Media is not leaving us anytime soon and hence as social channels top the list for site referrals today. If you are looking for a “5 Star Google Reviews” technical partner that you can trust with your Social Media Marketing, then look no further. GlobeSign’s has been providing result driven Social Media Marketing strategies and services for our clients across Canada and the US since 2008.

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    Five Star Rating on Google Reviews

    • 5 star review  Got a logo made. Amazing customer service, ask about all your needs and wants and puts then into your design. Logo looks professional and elegant. Well done by the team

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    WordPress Website Maintenance
    • SEO only draws people to your website who are searching using your keywords, how about others?
    • Well Designed Social Media Marketing Campaigns drive targeted traffic to your website.
    • Social Media Marketing Campaigns are cheaper - average cost of a social media marketing campaign is significantly less than running google AdWords (PPC).

    Why Do I need a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

    A good digital marketing strategy is incomplete without social media marketing as more than 90% of sites that are ranked on Google’s first page actively leverage social media. Therefore, combining Social Media Marketing (SMM) alongside Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives amazing results and search engine rankings.

    Website Maintenance Packages

    Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness refers to the extent consumers can recognize and identify your brand. Building brand awareness is the first step in promoting your business. We help our clients boost their brand awareness by researching their target audience and creating engaging content that caters to them. We also create a specific brand theme for each of our clients which we use when creating content.

    Drive Engagements

    Social Media engagements portray how many people are interacting with your content. This includes likes, shares, comments, replies, retweets, and saves. We drive engagements by incorporating educational, promotional, and entertaining content into our social media strategy.

    Generate Targeted Leads / Sales

    Generating leads/sales is the main objective for most businesses which is why we integrate paid and organic lead advertising into our social media strategy. Lead advertising alongside social media linking, profile optimization and referrals ensure your audience know exactly where to purchase your products and / or services.

    Boost SEO

    Social media doesn’t directly impact your ranking on Google; however, when enough people like, share and comment on your social media posts, it helps build domain authority. This is because social media platforms tend to have high domain authority, so traffic coming from them increase your domain authority. We integrate social media linking into our strategy to increase website traffic.

    Build Customer Retention

    Customer loyalty is key in running a successful business. Social media acts as a direct contact for your customers to contact you with any inquiries or issues they may have. It is also a great way for you to connect with your customers. You can ask questions, create polls, run contests and giveaways, go live etc.

    Share your business goals with us.

    We can help you with the marketing plan that is best for your business!

    What Does GlobeSign Monthly Social Media Marketing Package Include?

    Quality content on social channels drive more qualified leads and potentially more revenue. Social Medial Marketing with GlobeSign starts with creating a well-balanced social media strategy that is aligned with customers business goals and objectives. Once a good social media strategy is established, comes social media audit alongside identifying the gaps and highlighting quick wins. This allows our clients to take advantage of the social channels to successfully drive visitors to their sites. If your business is not active socially, you are missing out!

    GlobeSign works very closely with its clients to understand their business objectives and available budget to create a social media strategy. Here are the top tasks GlobeSign manages for our clients; we can do all or on as needed basis:

    Social Media Strategy

    GlobeSign creates a detailed social media strategy specifically catered for each of its clients. We take your business objectives into account when creating our social media goals to ensure there is an alignment. The social media strategy also includes a target audience breakdown, competitive analysis, social media audit, and content strategy.

    Social Channels Creation

    GlobeSign creates a social media account and pages for its clients which includes adding/creating profile pictures, banner images, and an effective bio. We also write a keyword-based description, add all your contact info, and link it to your website.

    Social Channel Audits

    GlobeSign’s marketing team analyses its client’s existing social media channels before we start managing them. We evaluate which posts generate the most and the least engagements, your follower growth, website clicks etc. This information allows us to create a relevant social media strategy and helps us measure our success in the future.

    Social Media Posts Design

    GlobeSign’s talented graphic design team takes your ideas and convert them into eye-catching posts that are bound to catch your target audience’s attention. We are here to help you whether you want to announce a new product launch, host a giveaway, broadcast a sale or anything else. We also take your branding into account when creating your social media posts to build brand awareness and recognition.

    Integrated Hashtag Strategy

    GlobeSign uses a balanced hashtag strategy to maximize engagements on each post. We use a combination of popular, relevant, location based and niche hashtags in order to increase your post visibility. We also create specific hashtags for your campaign in order to increase brand awareness.

    Social Channel Managements

    GlobeSign’s marketing team takes care of day-to-day social media management. We create the content, schedule, and plan posts, reply to comments, messages, DMs, mentions etc. Social media is constantly evolving and in order to stay on top of our game, we research social media trends and monitor competition.

    Support for multiple Social Channels

    GlobeSign’s marketing team successfully manages its client’s multiple social media accounts across multiple social channels. We also act as support for your customers across multiple social channels in order to maintain your brand reputation.

    Social Media Reporting

    GlobeSign provides quarterly reports that measure reach, engagements, follower growth, response rate, click through rates and other important metrics. This allows us to evaluate what content is resonating with your target audience and make changes accordingly.


    GlobeSign’s monthly social medial marketing plans vary from client to client since every company have specific goals and objectives. Our Social Medial Marketing packages are based on the following:

    Get seen – The Essential Social Media Marketing Package
    Starting at $499 / Month

    Includes FREE Evaluation 

    • 1 Social Channel Managed
    • Social Channel Account Creation
    • Detailed Social Media Marketing strategy that includes target audience research, Competitive analysis and content analysis
    • Social media audit
    • Post Creation (8 to 10 posts per month)
    • 2-3 posts per week
    • Quarterly social media reporting
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    Get noticed – The Gold Social Media Marketing Package
    Available Upon Request

    Includes FREE Evaluation 

    • 2 social channels managed
    • Social Channels accounts creation
    • Detailed social media marketing strategy that includes target audience research, Competitive analysis and content analysis
    • Social media audit
    • Post creation (8-10 posts per month) per social channel managed
    • 2-3 posts per week (on each social channel)
    • quarterly social media reporting
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    Get attention – Advanced Social Media Marketing Package
    Available Upon Request

    Includes FREE Evaluation 

    • 3 or more social channels managed (you choose)
    • Social Channels account creation
    • Detailed social media marketing strategy that includes target audience research, Competitive analysis and content analysis
    • Social media audit
    • Post creation (8 – 10 posts per month)
    • 2-3 posts per week (on each social channel)
    • quarterly social media reporting
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    Custom Packages are available. Please contact us to discuss your specific social media needs.

    Unsure which Social Media Marketing plan is best for you, we can help!

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      Pay-As-You-Go Rate

      Pay-As-You-Go Social Media Marketing Plan

      Clients that are managing their own social channels and may have an inhouse social media team benefit greatly from GlobeSign’s “Pay-As-You-Go” Social Media Marketing Plan. This not only provides our clients with best-in-class services, but also allows them to keep their monthly social media marketing investment low. Under Pay-As-You-Go social media marketing plan, typical services include social media strategy and consulting, social media audit and social media posts design.

      Benefits of Having a Pay-As-You-Go:

      • No Monthly commitments
      • Design professional Social Media Posts as needed and pay per post
      • High Availability – team is readily available to provide support as needed
      • Fast turnaround – urgent Work is normally accommodated within 48 business hours


      WordPress Website Maintenance

      What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

      As the name suggests, social media marketing is the use of social channels and social media platforms to promote your products or services. On a more strategic level, social media marketing is your game plan to build awareness for your products and services and increase your brand awareness. A good social media strategy means setting up your marketing goals, choosing the right social networks and measuring your success

      What Should be my monthly Social Medial Marketing budget?

      Social Media investment vary from company to company, and it depends on responsibilities and tasks carried out by you or by GlobeSign, your Social Media Partner. Here are the main factors that help determine Social Media Marketing Investments per month:

      • Number of Platforms Managed?
      • Number of Posts Designed Per Month
      • Types of Post Designed per month?
      • SEO Coordination

      Does GlobeSign offers any bundled discount for multiple services?

      GlobeSign offers special investment options for clients thar have multiple services with us such as Website Maintenance alongside with a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

      Can I cancel my Social Media Marketing Plan at any time?

      GlobeSign understands that our client’s business needs may change overtime and hence we allow cancelling or changing social media package. GlobeSign requires 3 months notice for all cancellations as our monthly plans are often invoiced quarterly.

      Can I switch my social media marketing packages if my business needs change?

      GlobeSign understands that our client’s business needs may change overtime and hence we allow changing maintenance packages. Any package upgrade can be accommodated right away with a pro-ration on the monthly package. Any downgrade of a monthly social medial package takes effect at a next billing cycle.

      Can I switch maintenance packages if my business needs change?

      GlobeSign understands that our client’s business needs may change overtime and hence we allow changing maintenance package. Any package upgrade can be accommodated right away with a pro-ration on the monthly package. Any downgrade of a monthly maintenance package takes effect at a next billing cycle.

      How does Social Media billing work?

      GlobeSign’s monthly Social Media Marketing plans are either invoiced quarterly or yearly depending on customers preference. For clients that have also signed up for website maintenance and for our digital marketing plans such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and or for Social Media Design and Marketing, all services can be combined and invoiced monthly. We try to be flexible and align our invoicing with our clients budgeting guidelines. Contact with us to discuss your specific invoicing needs.

      Any incentives to pay annually for my Social Media Plans?

      For those clients who would like to pay for their social media marketing annually, GlobeSign provides a discount equivalent to a “Free One Month” Social Media Support. Basically, clients get 12 months of Social Media management for the price of 11 months.

      Top Social Media Marketing Company in Canada & in the US

      GlobeSign is a Canadian company helping clients grow their revenues online using our Digital Marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), AdWord (i.e.PPC , CPC) and Content Writing.

      We keep up to date with the latest technology and trends, and we continue to provide best in class digital marketing solutions for our clients in Canada and in the US. When our clients outsource their digital marketing and website maintenance to us, they feel confident and quite relieved. This not only takes a lot of stress from their minds, but also allows them to focus on their businesses!

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