An effective Corporate website is not just how good it looks, but also how easy it is to navigate through. Truly, what differentiates a good website from a bad one?

  • SIMPLICITY – A website should not make you THINK hard & should not test your PATIENCE.
  • GOOD CONTENT - A corporate website should provide easy to read TEXT and allows SCANNING though it easily.
  • EASE OF NAVIGATION – A good website should GUIDE visitors where to GO.

What Should A Custom and a Professional Website Include?

Website is just a custom tool, and to ensure this “Custom Tool” is not only creative and attractive, but it also meets your company’s organizational goals is not easy. GlobeSign works very closely with clients to produce a custom eye-catching website that not only meets our clients business needs, but also engages visitors and optimizes conversion. The techniques our website experts use to maximize user experiences include the following:

Site Map & Good Content

Website site-map and content should be tailored to your target audience. A website does not optimize conversion unless it has clear navigation and correct business information.

Simple & Clean Website Design

Simplicity within a website design drives usability and maximizes user experience. Websites design with auto-playing Videos and Music or embedded Flash not only slow down the sites, but often annoy visitors.

Simple Website Navigation

A simple website navigation is often attributed to maximizing user experience. Website structure that provides ease of navigation leads to conversion optimization.

Website User Experience

User experience is extremely important, and it’s heavily dependent on user interaction on the website after s/he lands on it. Putting yourself into your visitor’s shoes help tremendously with optimizing usability.

Website Colors and Fonts

Colors and Fonts play an important role in communicating the message. Websites with right fonts and colors minimize bounce rates and motivate visitors to spend more time on the website.

Website Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Investment in good imagery for your website pays for themselves many times over during a life of a website.


Don’t leave visitors hanging; a clear and decisive call for action helps lead generation on the website and provides for more business opportunities.

Responsive Website

Responsiveness has become more important than ever for websites. Not only smartphones and tablets are driving increasing amount of web traffic, but Google also gives higher ranking to Mobile Friendly Websites.

Website and Social Media Integration

Your website also needs to integrate with your social channels as social media is not going to leave us anytime soon.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS’) not only allow clients to save thousands of dollars on future website maintenance and updates, but also offer content optimization.

SEO Ready Website

Your new corporate website can be best website in the world, but it’s of no use if people can’t find you. We understand Search Engine Optimization is a continuous effort; however, incorporating right tools and plug-ins within the website, on-page optimization, creating right meta tags, titles and description as well as ensuring focus keywords with right density within content makes SEO work easy.

Website Hosting

A slow website is very frustrating for visitors, and it costs you in many ways. Investment in a good hosting is directly proportional to your online success.

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Custom and Professional Corporate Website?

Investment related to creating a professional corporate website varies significantly based on multiple factors including:

  • Number of pages;
  • Design heaviness;
  • Content Management System used;
  • Plug Ins;
  • Imagery & Videos; and
  • Integration if any.

GlobeSign is a result driven company. We work very closely with our clients and provide strategies to balance client’s business goals against their available budgets. This not only enables our clients to meet their critical business needs up front, but also allows us to remain within their budgeting guidelines. We also work with our clients and provide a payment schedule that aligns with their cash flow and investment goals.


GlobeSign is a Canadian Company providing best in class web solutions including website designing and developing services for clients in Toronto, Canada, and in the US for the last 10 years. With office in Markham, we strive to provide excellence in service by following our proven “Six Phased” website design and development approach. Throughout the process we listen hard to our customer’s goals and objectives and focus on delivering a solution as opposed to just a “Website”.

GlobeSign’s commitment to quality is with our clients from planning to continuous improvement after go-live, so our clients can sleep well both during and after the project is launched.

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