Great, you now have a new website that meets your business needs; however, it’s unfortunate but a reality that regular maintenance is a vital part of being successful on the Internet.

  • Expect the Unexpected and Plan for the Future.
  • Tracking success and continuous Improvements
  • You take care of your business, and let us take care of your website

Why Do I Need A Monthly Website Maintenance Plan?

Clients often believe its “easy” to maintain a website that is based on a Content Management System. This is primarily because most clients believe up to date website means staying current on content; however, in reality maintenance really means pro-active risk management — making sure all codes are running, Content Management System is up to date, all security patches have been applied to secure sites against hack attacks, regular site back-ups have been taken, any malware and SQL injections are removed from the website, etc. etc.

Website Backups for Catastrophic Events

Regular website backups ensure you are ready for the unexpected. It the event, your website is hacked, if you have a back-up, you or your technical team can get the website live again soon without compromising or recreating the content again from scratch.

Keeping Your Website Up Date

Technology is moving very fast and hence a need to evolve your website with the technology. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure your website stays current on security patches to avoid any security vulnerability issues.

Website Monitoring updating

Performance management and keeping the website malware free is important and hence pro-active maintenance is needed.

GlobeSign often get panic calls from clients asking for urgent help because their website is down, and they are now scrambling for a developer who can get the site backed up again as soon as possible.  However, once the website is down, there is only so much we can do!


GlobeSign has developed affordable and robust monthly website maintenance plans for small – medium enterprises that vary based on the content management systems as well as client’s business needs. We provide website maintenance plans for most CMS’s including but not limited to WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify and for custom PHP Websites. Signing up with a monthly maintenance provides our clients with a dedicated technical team for a few bucks a day; a small investment that provides a huge return on investment. GlobeSign’s monthly maintenance plans include:

  • Updating, Deleting or Removing content such as text, images, videos, documents, links, pricing, blog posts, news & events, etc.;
  • Updating Content Management Systems when available;
  • Checkingfor all plug-in updates that are used on the website to ensure compatibility;
  • Applying available security patches as they become available;
  • Taking regular website backups;
  • Performing FTP backups;
  • Clearing caches on a regular basis to reduce server load and hence HOSTING FEES;
  • Pro-actively monitoring our client’s websites to highlight errors or critical updates; and
  • Providing special discounted pricing for anything that is above and beyond maintenance.

What Does GlobeSign Monthly Website Maintenance Packages Not Include?

Even though GlobeSign monthly maintenance plans are very flexible, we have added some exclusions to ensure we keep the cots of monthly maintenance plans at the minimum. We do not include the following in our monthly maintenance:

  • Design Changes that include updating the structure and designing new pages;
  • Content Development;
  • Programming, creating new Forms, Flash work, Photo session, etc.;
  • Additional work beyond what’s outlined in the monthly maintenance plans.

Cost of Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

GlobeSign’s monthly website maintenance plan vary from client to client since every company have specific goals and objectives. Our website maintenance packages are based on the following:

Basic Website Maintenance Package

Take regular back-ups as well as ensure website is up to date in terms of technology.

Standard Website Maintenance Package

In addition to taking regular back-ups and keeping the website up to date in terms of technology, we also make text-based changes and content updates such as adding blogs, news and events, etc.

Advance Website Maintenance Package

In addition to all basic and standard, Advance website maintenance package also includes 4 hours of design work per month. This allows clients to add new banners as well as make necessary design changes to accommodate to their evolving business needs.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan?

GlobeSign’s fixed monthly website maintenance packages allow our clients to save thousands of dollars per year as they do not need to hire a resource on a part time or on a full-time basis for supporting and sustaining their websites.

  • A low monthly fee allowing spreading the cost over a year;
  • Peace of mind and far cheaper than ad-hoc support work;
  • Regular back-ups to restore websites in case of any hack attacks;
  • Security patches are regularly applied;
  • Website stays current as all content changes are applied on time; and
  • Errors are spotted before your customers spot them.

Almost all of our clients signup for our monthly maintenance plan after go-live. Not only clients are extremely pleased with their experience, but also able to see the faster return on investment their monthly maintenance provides. Talk to us, and we can suggest a right maintenance option for you based on your unique business needs.

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