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In your face – simple, bold, and full of energy! Brand identity is the face of our clients and hence it should be impressive and an impacting representation of how our clients wants to be perceived by their customers.

  • Company’s brand is considered the most valuable asset
  • A Brand exists only in the mind of your customers
  • Every client interaction sends out a message; its your job to ensure these messages are supporting your Branding Strategies.

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    In very simple words, a brand is the perceived image of the product or the service you sell, and branding is the strategy to create that image.

    Branding has been around for ever, and it’s driven from a work “Brandr” meaning “to burn” initially used as burned on cattle to signify ownership – a precursor to “Today’s Logo”. People often consider Logo Design as Branding; however, it’s incorrect. Furthermore, most marketing savvy people believe Branding means designing a professional logo as well as other marketing collateral such as designing business cards, letterheads, envelops, and other stationary design.

    Branding in reality is not just the aforementioned, but it’s more —- Branding Is The Visual Representation of Your Company!

    Share your business goals with us.

    GlobeSign works very closely with clients to produce a custom eye-catching website.

    What Does Branding Include?

    A brand is the perceived image of the products and services you sell, and branding is the strategy to create that image.

    Brand creation is an iterative process, and it includes the following:

    Brand Values

    This is the foundation of your branding, and it’s a short and precise statement that defines your brand.

    Branding Guidelines

    Tangible document that support your business goals and differentiates you from your competition.

    Logo Design

    Logo is the face of your company and most certainly your company’s logo design is the single most important branding element.


    Your website is your brand’s digital real estate, and it showcases your company to your clients. Not only it must be easy to navigate through and visually appealing, but it should also be aligned with your overall branding goals and objectives. Designing a website that is aligned with your branding is also an important branding element. When you are designing your website, like your logo, you should also refer to your branding guidelines such as layouts, fonts, colors, etc.

    Stationery Design

    Branding means different to different companies depending on their business and industry. Some companies only need a logo and a website, where some other companies may need many additional assets including Flyers, Brochures, Product Packaging, Business Cards, Letterheads, Corporate Videos, etc.

    Advertising and Communication

    Boost brand visibility with strategic Advertising and Communication with GlobeSign. Harness the power of targeted messaging, optimize outreach, and captivate audiences. Elevate your brand’s voice in a saturated market through our expert-led SEO approaches and innovative communication techniques.

    Why Branding Is So Important?

    Branding creates loyalty, and it makes a memorable impression on customers. A product can be easily copied by others; however, a brand always remains yours. For example, people in Latin America often refer to all “Black Carbonated Drinks” as “Coke”. Similarly, in many countries people still today use the word “Xeroxing” for photocopying.

    • Branding Sets Your Company Apart From Competition

      Branding helps create recognition, and this is how your clients get to know you. Off course, the logo is the most critical element of brandingas it is essentially the face of the company. Therefore, a professionally designed logo is a must as you are always competing with hundreds of organizations locally and sometimes globally.

    • Branding Helps Build Brand Recognition

      Branding is how your company gets visual recognition by your customers and hence Logo is the single most critical branding element that plays an important role in creating your brand. Having a professional logo along with consistent branding not only creates a comfort zone for your customers, but they also drive your customers to purchase your products and/or services with confidence.

    • Branding Generates New Customers

      Good branding generates referral as most people talk about the brands they eat, brands they wear, brands they drive so on and so forth. A good brand has no trouble getting a referral business. Strong branding results in creating a positive image and a familiarity that drive people to do more business with your company. Once you have established your brand, a word of mouth will be the best advertising strategy for your company moving forwards.

    • Branding Creates Trustwithin The Company

      A clear branding is not only important for your customers, but it’s equally important for your employees. Research shows employees of a strongly branded company are more satisfied with their jobs and they provide better results as they take pride in the work they do.

    • Branding Should Support Advertising

      Branding should support your company’s advertising strategies as they are directly linked and impacted by your branding guidelines. People like to use promotional products that look nice as opposed to non-appealing promotional items.

    Affordable and Professional Branding Company for Canada and the US

    GlobeSign is a Canadian Company providing affordable and professional branding solutions to clients in Canada and in the US for over 10 years. With office in Markham, we strive to bring your brand to life. Throughout theprocess we listen hard to our customer’s branding and website designing needs, so we can ensure to provide a solution that meets our client’sbusiness objectives

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