About Bay3000

Bay3000 started as a consulting organization with core competencies in project management, business intelligence, and program management back in 1991. However, Bay3000 from the very beginning believed in the importance of knowledge transfer to its clients allowing them to become self-sufficient and thus incorporated learning and training services as its core competencies. As a result in 2003, Bay3000 created its Corporate Education Division.


Project Background

Over the years, Bay3000 had received significant recognition and awards for the quality of its programs, instructors and client’s services, but its website was dated and did not allow its clients to find right courses with ease of use. Furthermore, Bay3000 needed a partner who can deliver high quality work as well as ongoing maintenance and support to ensure all new courses were updated on the website on a timely manner. Bay3000 decided to give GlobeSign maintenance of their website, so they can continue to focus on their core business --- provided consulting and continuing education for its clients.


Bay3000’s Requirements

  • Create a totally new website that allows persona based navigation
  • Provide consulting and strategy for the redesign
  • Create user experience as well as ensure ease of navigation based on roles
  • Build custom Content Management System to enable adding / modification and removal of public courses and other service offering
  • Responsive Website for all devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.)
  • Integrate Payment Gateway in addition to their PayPal payments.
  • Deliver a website that boost conversion
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and ongoing improvements after Go Live

Value GlobeSign Provided for Bay3000

GlobeSign not only delivered an on-time and on budget website by focusing on bidirectional communication, responsive customer service and client education, but also won maintenance and continuous improvement contract after launch.

  • Rebranded Bay3000 completely
  • Facilitated Persona based flow allowing ease of navigation
  • Maximized user experience by content restructuring and data flow to increase course registration online
  • Developed a fully responsive custom WordPress site as per Bay3000’s defined business goals & objectives
  • Integrated Payment Gateway allowing online payment processing to save money
  • Enabled continuous improvement after Go-Live for conversion optimization
  • Improved organic SEO and increased overall website rating and conversion

SEO Results

  • Four keywords on first page of after five months of SEO
  • Five keywords on second page of after five months of SEO
  • Bounce rate decreases from 77.50% to 43.55% ~ improvements around 32% over five months
  • 30% organic monthly traffic growth over first five months
  • Improved conversion overtime directly leading to increase in revenue.

Bay3000 (Before and After)


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