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Shopping isn’t woman’s thing anymore! Our clients strive to maximize online experience plus drive diversity in their customer base by having an integrated e-Commerce platform.

  • Clients benefit from selling online regardless whether they are selling tangible products or intangible services
  • Selling online provides greater outreach as well as flexibility as it allows influencing customers through social channels
  • Clients can fit conveniently into their customer’s busy schedules by providing an option to buy what they want and when they want

What is most important for my e-Commerce website?

E-commerce websites are transforming our shopping experiences as more and more people who loved to go to a store now prefer to shop online. This is not only pushing traditional Brick & Mortar stores to have an online presence, but also provides a huge opportunity for new online only stores and hence we many online shops are born daily.
It may seem easy to get an online store going, but a good eCommerce strategy involves many elements to ensure higher traffic as well as optimum conversion for better results for our client’s online shops.

Choosing a RIGHT e-Commerce Company

Choosing a right eCommerce company is extremely important, but it’s not easy. Clients in Canada and in the US prefer to work with GlobeSign for their e-Commerce websites for many reasons including:

  • We speak their language;
  • We are available at their time;
  • We not only create their e-Commerce websites, but we also provide our expertise into other important areas that are must for optimizing conversion

Most Common Mistakes people make when designing an e-Commerce website

People as well as developers often spend a lot of time and energy on only the look and feel of their e-Commerce website and often neglect the most important areas of an e-Commerce website.

Responsive Design

Having a good Responsive eCommerce website is a must as more and more people use Smartphones and Tablets for shopping online and hence your e-Commerce websites must be super responsive and mobile friendly.  Not only smartphones and tablets are driving increasing amount of web traffic, but Google is now also ranking websites based on their Mobile Friendliness.

Choosing THE RIGHT e-Commerce Platform

Choosing the RIGHT eCommerce platform is not easy as there are so many options available in the market today. GlobeSign works very closely with our clients to identify the right e-Commerce platform that is based on our client’s current requirements in terms of type and number of products, services and payment, shipping options as well as scalability for near to mid-term growth.

User Experience

User experience is heavily dependent on your e-commerce website structure, and it directly impacts your online store’s performance. Having clear product information along with simple navigation enhance your chances to be successful online. If a user is on your product page and would like to purchase an item, the ordering process should be easy and straight forward with fewer clicks. Furthermore, social media also helps boost sales online as more and more customers are directed to your online store through your social channels.


Security has become a biggest concern for an e-Commerce website as its compromised often nowadays. Customers once ready to buy online want surety that the website is secure. Even though, no one can control customer’s computer, GlobeSign can suggest options that provides secure interaction between the customer and our client’s websiteby using encryption (SSL) coupled with a right e-Commerce platform.

The right security model gives our clients peace of mind as well as allows their customer to purchase at their online stores with confidence. Not only security boost sales, and it also helps with site ranking as Google considers website security when ranking a site.

Site Design

E-Commerce websites with clear navigation, good content and easy check-out process converts visitors to clients.  GlobeSign strongly believes simplicity drives usability, maximizes user experience and optimizes conversion.

Check Out Process

Ensuring a clean and simple checkout process on your e-Commerce website allowcustomers to buy with ease.  GlobeSign’s experience tells us the simpler the checkout process, the lower will be the risk of losing a customer along the way.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Revenue is truly a driver behind an e-Commerce website, and it’s directly proportional to web traffic and the rate of conversion on your website. GlobeSign marketing experts work with our client to come up with a good balanced digital marketing plan. A plan that is a mixture of multiple strategies created based on client’s business model and may include Organic and Inorganic undertakings such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, etc. etc.

GlobeSign’s digital marketing team helps Driving qualified traffic to your website when someone searches for your product and / or services increases the possibility of conversion — the higher you rank on the search results, the better your chances are to succeed online.

Bottom line, a clean and a well-designed website along with a strategic digital marketing plan is required to generate qualified leads and increased revenue online.


Maintainability of a website on an ongoing basis is an important yet often neglected topic. Websites need continuous monitoring and updating, and more so your e-Commerce website will need more maintenance – updating products, services, changing prices, running special promotions etc. etc.

Best e-Commerce Platform – Open Source Vs. Proprietary? What GlobeSign Suggests?

What is an Open eCommerce Platform?

Open Source CMS typically means program code is freely available without any licensing fee. With Open Source Programs, users have access to make modifications, improvements, create extensions, etc. to tailor the application to meet their own needs.

What is Proprietary E-Commerce Platform?

On the other hand, Proprietary Content Management System is developed by a particular company, and they own the source code. If one wants to use Proprietary CMS then not only s/he needs to pay for the licensing, but often s/he also needs to engage their services team for configuration, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

What is GlobeSign’s criteria of an e-Commerce Platform Selection?

With multiple choices available out there, e-commerce platform selection comes down to really there key selection criteria:

  • Store size;
  • Store’s complexity and functional needs
  • Client’s budget

Based on client’s specific needs and complexity such as number of pages, dynamicity, number of products, number of blogs, potential for scalability, multiple languages, etc. we suggest best options for our clients.

Hire a Professional e-Commerce Solution provider in Canada & in the US

Again, selection of a platform (custom vs. open source) is very important as it has implications on future maintenance. For example, an online shop that may be better suited on WooCommerce can also be fired off using Magento or a custom platform. Deciding on a specific platform may not only add complexity and cost to the project upfront but may also drive up maintenance cost over-time. 

Connect with GlobeSign to determine what’s the best CMS for your specific needs. Not necessarily Proprietary Software is better than Open Source since many Open Source Content Management Systems have a very large development community behind them and they compare well against Proprietary Software. 

Most Commone-Commerce platforms are in used today are:

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