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Every project is a true collaboration in ideation -- the process of creating new Ideas. We offer our expertise and guidance to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. GlobeSign’s commitment to quality is with our clients from concept through to post-implementation support, so our clients can sleep well both during and after the development process.



Every project is a true collaboration in ideation -- the process of creating new Ideas. We offer our expertise and guidance to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. GlobeSign’s commitment to quality is with our clients from concept through to post-implementation support, so our clients can sleep well both during and after the development process.

GlobeSign’s Strategy:

GlobeSign’s ideation process begins the moment we connect with our clients. Our goal is to provide strategies and solutions that go beyond the expected. To make sure GlobeSign delivers, we embraced the ideation process. Through this process we listen hard to our customer's goals (and then listen again).



Planning Phase

Planning is the most critical phase to ensure project success. Once the project is a GO, GlobeSign conducts multiple meetings with clients to confirm vision alignment.

Stakeholders range from day-to-day users that interact with the website as well as the upper level management that has sponsored and/or funded the project. Understanding their expectations and requirements are critical for the ultimate success of the project. GlobeSign confirms stakeholder requirements at the start of the project to ensure we are all working from the same page. If the requirements have not been clearly defined, GlobeSign works together with clients to clearly define the requirements.

In this phase GlobeSign works with clients and suggests initial technical specification, confirm project timeline, get a sense of hosting of the current website and understand client’s business objectives.

A successful website has to accommodate the demographics and the psychographics of the people that are visiting the site as well as appeal to their interest while provide a meaningful experience for them. A detailed target audience analysis is a must when designing or re-designing a website to ensure website is focused on target audience and their needs.

By careful review and analysis, GlobeSign helps clients develop a profile of people visiting the website that facilitates identifying the target audience and the website content.

The Site Map and the Content presented on the website have a great impact on visitor’s experience as well as on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In order to create a meaningful experience for the visitors, site map and content should be focused on delivering value with ease of navigation. This is why, GlobeSign works with clients on performing an audience analysis before developing the Site Map and the Content to ensure website not only meets visitor’s experience, but also delivers based on clients business objectives.

Design Phase

The design phase is a critical phase after planning. Influence is greatest at the beginning of the project, so careful thought into how the design fits into the overall organizational vision is important during this time.

Design is heavily based on the planning phase; however, a successful website that meets client’s business objectives is a multiparty project. The designers and developers, though hired to deliver, cannot do their job if the client does not do his part. GlobeSign works directly with clients in this phase to ensure website is designed with provisions to add sections to accommodate future needs and technological advancements.

GlobeSign holds brainstorming design meetings with clients. The design begins with a review of client’s logo and corporate color scheme, client’s goals and objectives, target audience analysis and site map and content analysis.

After brainstorming, GlobeSign designers work with clients in search of the Ah-HA Factor. With over a billion websites and growing, GlobeSign works with the client to create a design that is unique and attractive with minimal and impactful content that leaves a lasting impression on the visitor.

In this phase, GlobeSign creates Home Page and Inner Pages for clients review and sign-offs.


Development Phase

Development is an important phase where design comes to Life - GlobeSign puts together all of the pieces from planning and design to create a working website. This phase is also critical since the design and technology is combined here to provide an impactful outcome.

A successful website requires an understanding of the Front-End Web Development. In this phase GlobeSign creates HTML pages and elements such as the WordPress (CMS, content management system) backend along with interactive contact forms and e-Commerce shopping carts based on design. This involves writing valid HTML / CSS code that complies with current web standards, maximizing functionality, as well as accessibility for as large an audience as possible.

GlobeSign develops a fully responsive website allowing clients to experience navigation on multiple devices including smartphones and tablets, so the client can suggest any additional changes or modifications.

Data Accuracy and optimization is becoming more and more critical to the success of any website as Search Engines change their algorithm models to be heavily based on website content. This important phase requires client’s commitments to proof-reading and checking formatting to ensure data is populated correctly.

Furthermore, for all e-Commerce websites, clients need to supply a listing of all product and services along with the pricing details and product numbers if any.

Test Phase

During this phase of the project, both GlobeSign and clients stakeholders take part in both informal and formal testing to assure the adherence of the Design.

Once all design and construction work is completed on GlobeSign’s development environment, GlobeSign copies the development instance to client’s test server and performs a full end to end testing. This testing includes complete functionality of forms and other scripts as well as testing for last minute compatibility issues. If any items do not test successfully on client’s test server, GlobeSign makes revisions, and performs another round of testing.

This is a final testing step; GlobeSign tests the entire website on multiple browsers for differences among various web browsers to ensure the new website is optimized and viewed properly in widely used browsers such as IE, Chrome, Safari and Fire Fox. Once all items tests successfully, we are ready to launch the website.


Go-Live Phase

The Deployment of a new or redesigned website is where the project starts to extend to the wider team. Communication during this phase is critical to project success.

Managing Launch is critical to any website deployment. GlobeSign works with clients to coordinate afterhours go live to minimize down time. Once GlobeSign gets client’s final approval, GlobeSign uses an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload the website files to client’s server. Once the website is uploaded to the server, GlobeSign puts the site through one last run-through. This is just to confirm that all files have been uploaded correctly, and that the site continues to be fully functional.

The Go-live date will be communicated in advance. A key part of this date is to coordinate Go Live plus transition the website to solution maintenance for maintaining and improving the website moving forward. GlobeSign will work with the Client to ensure that not only formal transition takes place, but all tasks and responsibilities are clearly communicated moving forwards.

During this phase, the project is complete and the transition to maintenance is on-going. GlobeSign conducts a formal close-out meeting with the client and provide support contacts to ensure smooth transition.

Maintenance (after Go-Live) Phase

Maintenance is a very important phase which if often neglected; however, clients now understand websites need continuous monitoring for security updates and/or content management due to both internal and external drivers including programs, material, reorganization, and/ or regulations changes. Some changes are superficial while others may have the potential to significantly impact the performance of the website.

GlobeSign works with clients to establish a process around how and when changes should be made to the website. These changes include adding, deleting and or modifying pages, products and / or services that are brought on-line and are covered under a monthly maintenance plan.

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