About EZSigma Group’s:

e-ZSigma is a collegial firm of professionals; recognized experts who practice what they preach. With Twenty years of supporting clients across a broad diversity of sectors and industries, eZSigma has provided its clients with a unique level of success by leveraging distinctive strengths and compelling value propositions. As a result, e-ZSigma has evolved into three primary service specialties, all dedicated to process improvement, management and sustainability:

  • Consulting/advisory
  • Project structuring, leadership and coaching
  • Lean and Six Sigma training and credentialing
  • Often eZSigma is asked to deliver all three of the aforementioned in a single engagement

Project Background

EZSigma Group’s had a strong online presence; however, needed it’s website to be rebranded as the original website was dated and did not meets its business needs. As EZSigma Group’s started looking for a partner that can help meet current business needs, they were referred to GlobeSign by their digital marketing partner. This launched our mutually beneficial relationship that continued to grow even after go live as GlobeSign continues to provide sustainment after go live for EZSigma `.


EZSigma Group’s Requirements

  • Re-design and redevelopment of the content as well data flow and site map
  • Responsive Website for all devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.)
  • Allow visitors to quickly navigate to desired courses
  • Facilitate course registration as well as enable signing up for courses and request additional information with fewer clicks
  • Build Content Management System to enable future enhancement
  • Guiding visitors to choose right courses, software and books as well as enabling them to purchase through an online integrated PayPal portal

Value GlobeSign Provided for EZSigma Group’s

GlobeSignnot only worked very closely with EZSigma Group’s from ‘Planning’ to ‘Go-Live’, but also remained engaged and committed to continuous improvement after Go-Live. As a result of our partnership, GlobeSign has enabled EZSigma Group’s to get faster return on investment (ROI) since we were able to:

  • Helped with content restructuring, data flow and site map development
  • Ensured the new website is not very Flashy or too busy
  • Developed a fully responsive website as per EZSigma Group’s target audience against defined business goals & objectives;
  • Provided a Go Live strategy
  • Enabled continuous improvement after Go-Live for conversion optimization

SEO Results

  • Ease of navigation and professional look and feel;
  • Allow Parkinson’s patients and caregivers find educational material easily;
  • Allow Parkinson’s patients request support, assistive devices and medication with ease;
  • Develop a responsive website to ensure greater device accessibility;
  • Enhance “Google” ranking for request generation as well as to drive donations; and
  • Build Content Management System to enable future enhancement.

EZSigma Group’s (Before and After)



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