Animation and corporate videos are easy to make nowadays as you can simply shoot a video using your smartphone or use any online tools to create an animation.

  • 45 to 50% of the people watch an hour or more of videos every day
  • Videos and SEO work hand in hand and make your content more searchable.
  • You are missing out if you are not integrating videos in your marketing campaigns

Animated Promo Videos

It’s all about story telling. Whether it’s a story about your company or about your product, your story must motivate your audience to take certain action; however, your Story is as good as its executed!

Animated videos are key promotional marketing strategy used by companies to communicate their core brand message to their customers. Animated videos are one of the biggest trends in the digital space, and they are gaining popularity primarily because of animation technology availability these days.

Main reasons why animated videos are getting very popular include:

  • They help convey a message more effectively;
  • They are appealing and help convert visitors to leads; and
  • They are cost effective, and relatively easy to produce.

Corporate Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? The days of cheap and informercial are done. You need to invest in an engaging video that grabs your audience’s attention — easier said than done.

Off course there is no formula for making a great video; however, byfollowing the four critical rules increases our chances to create a great and successful corporate video increase tremendously.

  • Start off with a Hook to captivate your audience, so they continue watching;
  • Ensure the video is “Short & Sweet” as people don’t want to watch for too long;
  • Focus on the value you are providing or the pains you are solving; and
  • Endwith a “Call to Action” to drive conversion.

Why Chose GlobeSign for your Animation and Videos?

Why Chose GlobeSign for your Animation and Videos?

Proven Process


Understanding Client’s needs
Documenting requirements


Creating Concept


Create Storyboard
Record Voiceover


Create Graphics & Animation
Add Music


On-time and on-budget delivery as per client’s requirements
Client’s satisfaction

Animation and Video Services for Toronto and the GTA, Canada

GlobeSign is a Canadian company that was founded as a website designing company back in 2009; however, over the years, we have evolved into a full-blown web-solutions company. We not only provide branding, content writing, website designing and product photography for our clients, but we also provide animation and corporate videos.

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