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Starting a new website is easier; however, which CMS (Content Management System) to use is challenging than even since there are so many options available today.

  • CMS vs. HTML: Why Do I need to use a CMS (Content Management System)?
  • How Do I decide on the best CMS Platform for my specific business needs?
  • Best CMS – Open Source vs. Proprietary Software? What Do you recommend?

What does Content Management System (CMS) Mean?

CMS refers to Content Management System, and it’s basically a back-end platform that allows companies to manage and control their content more effectively without much technical training.Having so many websites out there, if you want to not only attract visitors to your website, but you also like to keep them on your website then you need a nice flow as well as good and relevant content including good imagery, text, pictures and good videos if you can afford them.

Why Do I need to use a Content Management System?

Even though, one can create a professional looking website using basic HTML, we always recommend our clients to use a Content Management System. Website with Content Management System not only allows our clients to save thousands of dollars on future website updates, but also offers content optimization primarily because Content Management System:

  • Provides efficiency gains as one can very easily update the content even if one does not know coding;
  • Allows uploading fresh content that helps with Search Engine Optimization;
  • Reduces cost of maintenance;
  • Improves online branding since marketing teams can easily run multiple campaigns;
  • Extends functionality by way of plug-ins that are only available for CMS’; and
  • Optimizes Mobile Viewing.

Using a carefully selected Content Management System, companies can very easily add, modify or delete images as well as text should they chose to do so on their own. However, engaging a professional website design company like GlobeSign for maintenance saves time and money. 

Choosing the right Content Management System for your Business Needs

Once you have decided that you like to use a Content Management Systems (CMS), it’s always helpful to consult CMS professionals such as GlobeSign to ensure you choose the right Content Management System based on your own business needs. Going on this journey on your own is extremely confusing since there are over 250 programs availablefrom simple web-building tools to very complex enterprise systems. Some are Open Source Content Management Systems where some are Proprietary. Clients that go on the Content Management System selection on their own, often end up with a CMS that either is too complex for their use or is not scalable to meet clients.

GlobeSign’s Content Management experts work with our clients to understand both their short term and long-term business goals, so we can suggest a Content Management System that is best for your business needs — not only minimizes the complexity and investment, but also incorporates scalability and technology.

Best CMS – Open Source Vs. Proprietary Software? What GlobeSign suggests?

What is an Open Source Content Management System?

Open Source CMS typically means program code is freely available without any licensing fee. With Open Source Programs, users have access to make modifications, improvements, create extensions, etc. to tailor the application to meet their own needs.

What is Proprietary Content Management System?

On the other hand, Proprietary Content Management System is developed by a company, and they own the source code. If one wants to use Proprietary CMS then not only s/he needs to pay for the licensing, but often s/he also needs to engage their services team for configuration, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Key Content Management System Selection Criteria

With so many choices out-there, GlobeSign experts work closely with clients to understand their key business objectives and what do we really want the website to accomplish? Once we establish client’s business needs, we suggest best CMS based on some of the following key criteria:

  • Overall website complexity and user friendliness;
  • Digital content management;
  • Mobile friendliness;
  • Need for globalization and multiple languages support;
  • Ongoing support and maintenance; and
  • Integration with other systems.

Let Us Help You Find Best CMS for your Company

Connect with GlobeSign to determine what’s the best CMS for your specific needs. Not necessarily Proprietary Software is better than Open Source since many Open Source Content Management Systems have a very large development community behind them and they compare well against Proprietary Software.



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