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Logo is the first step towards creating the brand and hence it’s the most important first step towards a journey of a thousand miles.

  • Logo is the single most important branding element
  • It’s the face of your company; the very first impression
  • Branding Strategies should incorporate target audience

Brand Recognition Strategy

Branding is an iterative process with a start but truly no end, and it starts with creating a logo that is in your face —- Simple, Bold and Full of Energy. Logo is the face of our clients and hence it should be impressive and an impacting representation of how our clients wants to be perceived by their customers.

GlobeSign’s Professional Logo Designing Services

Even though every project is unique with regards to client’s scope, style preferences and the industry client operates in, the logo design process remains fairly consistent. At GlobeSign, we follow our standard five steps logo designing Services that allows us to create a brand that meets our client’s business needs.

Client Discovery

Client discovery is a first step towards creating a logo that represents the company and the domain they operate in. GlobeSign works with clients to understand their culture, values, and business. During this phase, we typically focus on understanding the following:

  • Client’s Business
  • Client’s Customers/ Target Audience
  • Why client needs a logo / new logo

Industry Discovery

Once we understand client’s business, we focus on identifying client’s industry, target audience as well as client’s competition. GlobeSign uses this step to focus on completing competitoranalysis to ensure we can learn from what they are doing right and where we can beat them.

Logo Application Discovery

Logos are not just used online and on client’s business cards, letterheads, etc., but they are also used on all of client’s marketing collateral. Most clients have a need to use their logos on corporate PowerPoint slides, hats, mugs, t-shirts, pens, notepads, etc.

GlobeSign works very closely with clients to understand how the logo will be used online, in-print and on the marketing collateral to ensure the new logo design meets client’s business needs from all their marketing perspective.

Draft Logo Design/ Logo Conceptualization

As every great logo starts with a sketch, this is phase where concept hits paper. GlobeSign branding experts createfew concept branding ideas and review them with the clients. This is an iterative process as we work very closely with client’s feedback to finalize a concept before we move on to the refinement stage.

Logo Refinement

This is the final stage where logo comes to life. In this phase, GlobeSign works closely with Clients to finalize coloring schemes, future adaptability and other brand details. GlobeSign also provides a final logo document outlining various application mock-ups to ensure the brand performs well in different situations.

Affordable and Professional Logo Designing Company for Canada and the US

GlobeSign is affordable and a professional logo designing company providing Logo Design and Branding solutions for clients in Canada and in the US for over 10 years. We work very closely with our clients and follow our proven “Five Steps Logo Designing Services” that allows us to create a brand that meets our client’s branding needs. Let’s work together to create a logo that enables you to grow your brand.

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