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Many still believe Joomla is best for creating websites for small and medium enterprises; however. We see Joomla is used quite a lot for governmental websites.

  • Is there a such thing as BEST CMS?
  • Choice of a CMS should be based on client’s business needs
  • Joomla is the second most used Content Management System used worldwide after WordPress today

Is Joomla Free and Open Source?

Joomla is also a free open source content management system. It was developed by Open Source Matters, Inc. It’s the second most used Content Management System used worldwide after WordPress today. Like WordPress, Joomla also has thousands of developers and few thousand plug-ins available to meet one’s business needs.

Why use Joomla Content Management System?

Joomla is also a good choice for corporate websites since it offers many plug-ins and extensions; however, Joomla is more geared towards advancedusers. Clients who opt to self serve maintenance find Joomla challenging to use than WordPress.

Joomladivides extensions into plugins, components, and modules, and these can be used both in the backend as well as the frontend, people often find this irritating.

Hire Professional Joomla Developers in Canada & in the US.

GlobeSign suggests WordPress Content Management System for standard, basic or corporate websites since WordPress is light, easy to maintain, provides way more plugins plus it provides search engine friendly URLs. However, providing client’s specific business needs and preferences, we can build and maintain websites based on Joomla CMS.

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