Website Maintenance Packages

Monthly Website Maintenance Package is essential for your online success. If you are looking for a “5 Star Google Reviews” technical partner, then let us tell you how we can help. GlobeSign has been providing affordable and reliable Website Maintenance Packages for our clients across Canada and the US since 2008.

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    WordPress Website Maintenance

    Custom Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

    Website maintenance is critical to our client’s business regardless of their size. Not only the uptime of their website is important, but it’s equally essential to ensure their websites continue to attract their customers online, maintain Search Engine rankings, provide up to date information on their products and services, etc.

    GlobeSign offers several monthly website maintenance plans that are not only affordable, but they are also customized based on our client’s specific business needs. These custom maintenance packages are either invoiced quarterly or yearly based on our client’s preferences.

    Website Maintenance Packages

    GlobeSign’s monthly website maintenance packages

    The Essentials – Basic Website Maintenance Package

    Take regular back-ups, make small content changes as well as ensure website is up to date in terms of technology.

    Includes FREE Website Evaluation 

    • Team Allotted: Data Entry Expert & CMS Expert
    • Regular Back-ups
    • CMS & Software Updates
    • Security Patches Updates
    • Plug-in Updates
    • Website Content Updates (Up to an Hour/month)
    • E-mail Support
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    The Gold – Standard Website Maintenance Package

    In addition to taking regular back-ups and keeping the website up to date in terms of technology, we also make text-based changes and content updates such as adding blogs, news and events, etc.

    Includes FREE Website Evaluation 

    • Team Allotted: Data Entry Expert, CMS Expert & Designer
    • Includes all of “The Essentials”, plus
    • Website Updates including design changes (Up to 2 Hours/Month)
    • Chat and E-mail Support
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    The Premium – Advanced Website Maintenance Package

    In addition to all basic and standard, Advanced website maintenance package  includes 4 hours of design work per month. This allows clients to add new banners as well as make necessary design changes to accommodate to their evolving business needs.

    Includes FREE Website Evaluation 

    • Team Allotted: Data Entry Expert, CMS Expert, Designer& Developer
    • Includes all of “The Essentials & The Gold”, plus
    • Website Updates including design changes (Up to 4 Hours/Month)
    • E-Commerce Website Support
    • Phone, Chat and E-mail Support
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      On Demand Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance

      Pay-As-You-Go Rate

      Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance Plan

      Clients that do not have a need to change their websites often sign up for GlobeSign’s “Pay-As-You-Go” Maintenance Plan. This not only provides our clients with peace of mind, but at the same keep their monthly maintenance investment low. Under Pay-As-You-Go maintenance plan, clients have access to a dedicated support team, and they can contact them right away as soon as they have a need.

      Note: The Essentia (Basic)  Package is required for Pay-As-You-Go

      Benefits of Having a Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance:

      • Charged by 30 Minutes
      • Peace of mind with no extra cost – you only pay when you use the service
      • High Availability – team is readily available to provide support as needed
      • Fast turnaround – urgent Work is normally accommodated within 48 business hours

      Note: The Essential Package is required for Pay-As-You-Go

      Website Maintenance Packages FAQ

      WordPress Website Maintenance

      What is Website Maintenance?

      Website Maintenance really means pro-active risk management. Regular website maintenance ensures all codes are running, Content Management System (CMS) is up to date, all security patches have been applied to secure sites against hack attacks, regular site back-ups have been taken, any malware and SQL injections are removed from the website, etc. etc.

      Why do I need Website Maintenance?

      Website maintenance is critical as technology is moving very fast nowadays! With security breaches daily, it’s important to ensure your website stays current on security patches to avoid any security vulnerability issues.

      Furthermore, regular website maintenance not only monitors performance and ensures user experience, but it also avoids any downtime.

      What Does Website Maintenance Package include?

      GlobeSign’s monthly website maintenance plans vary from client to client since every company has specific goals and objectives when it comes to their websites. Our website maintenance packages are very elaborative in terms of what they include. Call us and we will walk you through these packages, so you can make an informed decision regarding selecting a package that is best for your needs.

      How much does it cost to maintain my website?

      GlobeSign’s monthly website maintenance plan vary from client to client since every company have specific goals and objectives. Our website maintenance packages start at only $99/Month. Contact us, and we will help you select the best maintenance plan based on your specific business needs.

      Can I cancel my Maintenance Plan at any time?

      GlobeSign understands that our client’s business needs may change overtime and hence we allow cancelling or changing maintenance package. GlobeSign requires a 3 month notice for all cancellations as our monthly plans are often invoiced quarterly.

      Can I switch maintenance packages if my business needs change?

      GlobeSign understands that our client’s business needs may change overtime and hence we allow changing maintenance package. Any package upgrade can be accommodated right away with a pro-ration on the monthly package. Any downgrade of a monthly maintenance package takes effect at a next billing cycle.

      How does the billing work?

      GlobeSign’s monthly website maintenance plan are either invoiced quarterly or yearly depending on customers preference. For clients that have also signed up for digital marketing, Search Engine optimization and or social media design and marketing, Website maintenance can be combined and invoiced monthly. We try to be flexible and align our invoicing with our clients budgeting guidelines. Contact with us to discuss your specific invoicing needs.

      Any incentives to pay annually?

      For those clients who pay for maintenance annually, GlobeSign provides a discount equivalent to a “Free One Month” Support. Basically, client’s get 12 months of support for the price of 11 months.

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