About ImproCanada

ImproCanada, a division of Zinpex, is dedicated to Canadian Business Immigration with applicants from all over the world. Their focus on business immigration allows them to remain a TOP choice for people seeking business immigration to Canada.

ImproCanada’s differentiation is their qualification process as they only accept clients who they believe qualify for Canadian Immigration. Since Canadian Immigration laws are complex, you need a trusted partner who can guide you through the process from start to finish. Contact ImproCanada to find out whether you qualify for Canadian Immigration.


Project Background

ImproCanada has a very strong legal team; however, it needed an online presence to more effectively serve its global clients. As ImproCanada was evaluating its options, it followed a recommendation of one of GlobeSign’s clients and launched an extensive project to create its new website with GlobeSign.

This partnership has been fruitful as we not only launched a website on a very aggressive timeline, but we are also managing the site to ensure the new website continues to meet client’s expectations!


ImproCanada’s Requirements

  • Create branding for the new division
  • Strategy to create consistent branding and messaging for the new website
  • Simplify Content, Site Map and Data flow to maximize user experience
  • Linking with an online repository that allows keeping clients information and documentation
  • Enable dynamic changes as a result of changes in immigration laws
  • Device agnostic website allowing navigation on all devices.
  • Deliver on-aggressive timeline and within budget

Value GlobeSign Provided for ImproCanada

GlobeSign partnership helped ImproCanada’s branding as well as a structure and content flow for the new website. Use of imagery and videos not only enhanced user experience, but also enforced visual communication. The new website provided:

  • Simple content structure, logical data flow and easy to follow site map
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Integration with Client’s qualification process and document management system
  • WordPress Content Management System to enable modification and updates
  • A fully responsive website as per ImproCanada’s target audience against defined business goals and objectives
  • Provided a Go Live strategy continuous improvement
  • Met client’s go live timeline

ImproCanada (Before and After)

New Website


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