What is The Metaverse

What is The Metaverse?

The word Metaverse is a combination of the Greek word Meta and the English word universe. Meta is commonly used as a prefix in Greek to imply “after” or “beyond. The metaverse is a digital universe represented by digital representations of people, places, and objects. In other words, it’s a “digital world” where characters and virtual/ digital items represent actual people.

It is a mix of many technological aspects, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, in which users “experience life in a digital realm.” Sometimes, the metaverse is portrayed as a repetition of the internet in the society we live in today. A universal digital reality that is enhanced by the utilization of virtual reality technology to help society further expand towards technology. 

As of right now, however, discussing the meaning of “the metaverse” is similar to discussing the meaning of “the internet” when the internet was just introduced to society. Metaverse is the foundation for a new kind of communication that’s being established, and no one knows what the final outcome will be.


How did the Metaverse start?

The phrase “Metaverse” was first introduced in Neil Stevenson’s novel Snow Crash, written in 1982. Stevenson referred to the metaverse as a virtual universe where characters travel to escape the harsh authoritarian reality. Then, Sega launched VR arcade devices like motion simulators in the early 1990s, which people enjoyed at various arcades.


Meta Companies

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are something well known for people to use in the metaverse to engage viewers in an alternate reality. Although the technology is still new and needs improvement, companies such as Facebook, are now working on these technologies. In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg purchased Oculus, a VR headset production company. In 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, expressing that they are more than just a social media company. Although, they still plan to utilize the metaverse for a better social experience virtually.


Why is The Metaverse Important?

In the future, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for business, corporations, and education will increase. Virtual realities will become a critical facilitator as companies are moving towards a more hybrid workspace. This will aid workers in the transition to hybrid work and ensure that remote workers have the same level of engagement and experience as their coworkers in the office. Especially since the pandemic, many employees work online due to convenience and Meta allows them to adapt to the virtual office/working environment. 


Difference between The Metaverse and The Internet

People are always connecting through the internet, whether it’s websites, games, or social media apps that help us to interact with others. One feature that sets the metaverse apart from the internet is that it allows users to experience real-life actions digitally. Some examples would be games like Fortnite, Pokémon, or Roblox. Google, Meta, and Microsoft are some of the big companies that have shown interest in the meta and VR devices. Users can engage virtually in the metaverse, which incorporates characteristics of physical reality, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, social media, and gaming. The metaverse is an entirely different concept from the internet because of all of these “realities.” The metaverse provides a more effective and more realistic experience than the internet can offer. However, meta is still in the process of development and has a long way ahead of it. 


Is Metaverse the Future?

The metaverse is like a new universe to which humanity will adapt to, just like the internet in our society today. Especially after Covid-19, we have become reliant on the internet in our daily lives. The metaverse will allow you to accomplish whatever you do now, only better. It is designed so you can see how 2d applications can exist within virtual worlds as improved versions of what we already have.


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