The Benefits of Email Marketing and Tips to get you Started

When most think of marketing, the first thing that comes to mind in social media. However, email marketing is arguably the most effective marketing medium with an ROI ratio of 37:1. This means that for every $1 spent, the return on investment is $37. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this article by Sleep Advisor that states 17% of Americans check their email when they wake up and 55% check it before they go to work.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing has higher conversion rates compared to any social media platform. This is because email marketing allows you to send personalized and relevant content in a timely manner. Also, one’s inbox is substantially less cluttered than their social media feed which increases the chances of them seeing your email and clicking through to your website.

Other benefits of email marketing are that you can reach and already engaged audience, it’s cost effective, you can create more personalized content and it’s easy to measure your success.

Reach an already engaged audience

Your email list is made up of people that signed up to receive emails which means that they saw value in your content. They are already engaging with your content so all you have to do is keep them engaged. Keep reading to learn about how you can keep your audience engaged.

Cost effective

Email marketing is cheaper compared to other methods of marketing because you don’t need to pay for exposure. The average reach for organic social media posts is around 5.2% which is why businesses pay a hefty price to increase their reach. Emails on the other hand, have an average open rate of 21.33%.

Can create personalized content

Dissimilar to social media, email marketing targets an individual as apposed to a demographic. Therefore, when you send out an email, you can personalize your content to include the recipient’s name, occupation etc. This increases your email open rate and click through rate as people are more drawn to emails with their name on it.

Easy to measure success

You can easily measure your email marketing success using the following metrics:

  1. Email delivery rate – percentage of emails that were delivered to people’s inboxes. This tells you whether your emails are bouncing or being reported as spam.
  2. Email open rates – the percentage of people that opened your email. This tells you whether your email subject is effective.
  3. Click through rate – the percentage of people that open your email and click on the link in your email. This tells you whether your content is effective.
  4. Subscribes/unsubscribes – number of people that opted in/out of receiving your emails. This tells you whether your content is providing value to your audience.

Tips for getting started and improving engagements

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of email marketing, you probably want to get started right away. Here are some tips to help you out:

Set up a sign-up sheet on your website

Every page on your website should have an email signup sheet. This way, anyone that interacts with your website can sign up. You can either set up an email pop up which show up on the webpage being viewed or add the sign up at the bottom of each page.

Your sign-up sheet should highlight the benefit of signing up. For example, if you’re a blogger you can write something like “Sign up for exclusive content about x.” You can also add an incentive to encourage people to sign up. An example of this is an ecommerce website can give customers a 15% off code on their first purchase if they sign up.

Set up a Mailchimp account

Mailchimp is an email marketing software that allows you to create campaigns, design and send out mass emails, analyze your email insights and more. Mailchimp understands that small businesses don’t want to spend $30 a month on a subscription so their services are free until you reach 2000 sign ups.

Use a company email

Using a company email not only looks more professional but is a great way to increase brand awareness. When people see your company name in the email, they don’t need to read the entire email to know your company sent it. Other benefits of using a company email are:

  • It builds trust – the recipient knows that you’re from a well-established business
  • It keeps your emails out of spam folders
  • It makes it easier for the recipient to Google your company

Write an inviting Subject Line

Subject line is the most important factor in email marketing. If the recipient doesn’t find your subject line interesting, they will not open your email. Here are our tips to writing a subject line that will get opened:

  1. Start with a number

Starting your subject line with a number sparks curiosity in the reader. E.x. “10 most popular Instagram hashtags of 2020.” One might think, “hmm, I wonder what the 10 hashtags are and whether I’m using them on my posts.”

  1. Add personalization

Including the recipient’s name in the subject line increases the chances of it being opened. Combining this with birthdays and post purchase feedback will increase the odds even more.

  1. Keep it short

You want to make sure your subject line doesn’t get cut off in the preview as this reduces your email open rate. Use 60 characters or less to ensure your subject line is visible in the recipient’s inbox.

  1. Get inspiration from the emails you opened

The easiest way to come up with a subject line is taking inspiration from your own inbox. Look at the emails that you opened and ask yourself what made you open them. What about the subject line stood out to you? You can take inspiration from those headlines when creating your own.

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